Adopting an IT strategy for your business

22nd January 2019 | Posted in IT Services

For many businesses, the speed at which business is conducted with clients and suppliers continues to accelerate, meaning IT strategy is becoming increasingly important.

Increased complexity, new data services and an array of increasing compliance requirements mean your business needs to adapt and plan how to adopt new technologies.

Being flexible whilst understanding business goals help set you apart from your competition, and your IT strategy is an important part of this.

All businesses have the same requirements?

Even within a single business, different departments will have different requirements, for example the marketing team will have different requirements to the finance team. Therefore, it is unlikely that a one-size fits all approach will work when planning and adopting a business IT strategy.

Remember that your IT strategy and planning must be flexible. It is there to help you meet your businesses strategic vision.


Where to start?

No businesses are the same, however there are a few fundamental things that can help to start the planning process:

  • What are the businesses key goals?
  • An understanding of each departments needs and wants
  • Assess your current IT structure, identify the good and the bad
  • Have regular touch points with business departments to understand the technological challenges they face
  • Build a framework for the planning and re-planning of your IT strategy


In understanding your business goals and identifying internal requirements, this will allow you to build a picture of how technology is used within your business and what impact any changes will have on your organisation. Consider your longer-term goals and business visions. In the majority of businesses these will break down into short and medium-term objectives, for example customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Engage your IT partner when approaching your planning and strategic goals, this will help identify new and emerging technology that could help with the business vision. Once your IT strategy is outlined to a high level, you can then start to move to more detailed planning and initiate your new goals and strategy.

By engaging with your IT partner, this will help identify any technological blockers which may cause issues further down the line. Your IT partner will also help with the expansion and identification of new technologies, while advising if your current IT architecture is fit for purpose.


Planning and execution

Once you have your plan ready, it is important to determine how the strategy will be executed, supported and managed going forward. For example, do you need additional resource and expertise? Do you need additional external resources?

It is vital that everyone is bought into the IT strategy and stays involved, otherwise it will ultimately fail. Ensure your management team feedback any issues or problems. By being flexible and embracing change, this should help your business stay competitive and enable you to successfully plan your strategy going forward.


How Cyfor Secure can help with your IT strategy

We consider IT strategy as a byproduct of what we do. As a Cyfor Secure client, you will have peace of mind with our proactive IT support and maintenance, active account management, and regular collaboration, ensuring your business goals and IT requirements are aligned.





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0330 133 1250

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