Kwik Fit garages hit by computer virus

31st January 2019 | Posted in Cyber Security

The BBC has reported that the computer network of car servicing and repair company Kwik Fit has been infected with malware, disrupting its ability to book in vehicle repairs and handle customer requests.

The car service specialist told customers that its IT systems had gone offline but indicated the issue had been rectified the same day.

“We first experienced some issues with a virus in our IT network during the weekend,” said a spokeswoman.

“This affected a number of our systems but in the interest of ongoing security we can’t confirm the source of the problem.

“We have been working to get our operational systems back up and running normally and while there is still some disruption, our centres are open as usual.”


The company declined to discuss what the motivation for the attack might be but said that it did not believe its customers’ records had been affected.


“We can reassure customers that we do not store any of their financial information and currently have no reason to believe that any customer data was compromised,” said a spokeswoman.

“For security reasons we are not able to say anything else.”


The Kwik Fit cyber-attack highlights how important it is for everyone to take preventative measures.

There are four main ways a virus can enter a network, which include:

  • Email;
  • Internet;
  • External attack;
  • Physical media (USB pen stick).

By using a multi layered security approach you can protect against attacks, user security awareness training is also important to make sure staff are aware of what threats are around and how to deal with potential cyber-attack attempts.


To stay protected, make ure you follow these cyber security protection steps:

  1. Make sure your firewall is configured correctly and is fully up to date.
  2. Implement DNS protection to keep you safe from web browser-based attacks
  3. Implement a high-quality spam filter.
  4. Install a reputable anti-virus solution.
  5. Block access to USB media.
  6. Implement User Security Awareness Training to update your staff on attack attempts and what to do if they are unsure.




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