Your Business Challenges

How secure is our business from cyber threats?

With today’s cyber threats continually evolving, understanding the risks your business and customers are exposed to is vital. To secure your organisation, you must first identify what the most common cyber threats to your business are, what core systems and data underpin your business, and how to apply comprehensive cyber security controls to best protect these assets.

CYFOR Secure delivers actionable insight into your cyber security posture at every level. From networks and assets through to the assessment of supply chain risk, our experts uncover the weaknesses and gaps in your security.

How do we improve our cyber resilience?

Organisations must consistently improve their ability to prepare, respond, and recover to increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks while ensuring business continuity. Moving your business from a reactive to a proactive cyber resilience strategy reduces overall company risks including downtime, security testing costs and incident response.

CYFOR Secure provides teams with the expert guidance, processes, and technology needed for your business to confidently embrace digital transformation. Our cyber resilience services help assure the continuity of business operations in the event of a cyber security incident, reducing downtime resulting from internal and external security threats.

How do we protect our digital assets?

Prioritising the data, systems, and software assets that keep a business operational and help it to thrive is a crucial element of an efficient cyber security program. Identifying and prioritising these assets is no easy task, as internal departments often lack alignment on how to classify intellectual property and other important data. Without this understanding, security controls can be applied to all assets incorrectly, resulting in security funds and efforts being distributed to the wrong places.

CYFOR Secure enhances the protection of critical digital assets by assessing and prioritising your business and implementing the correct safeguards to protect any areas of exposure. We can help you determine assets to prioritise, the likelihood they will be attacked, and measures to take to protect them, while identifying security gaps and areas that require investment.

Are we prepared for a potential cyber incident?

Cyber security incidents can lead to catastrophic network or data breaches that can impact your organisation for days, and months, even causing terminal damage. When an incident occurs, your business needs the right processes, training, and support in place to quickly mitigate the damage. Doing so can make all the difference in ensuring business continuity, avoiding legal damages, regulatory scrutiny, and protecting your organisation’s reputation.

CYFOR Secure have the expertise to help you respond to cyber-attacks immediately and reduce the likelihood of a security breach becoming a significant problem for your organisation.

With a pre-paid retainer already in place, you have immediate access to our cyber incident response team, who, in the event of a crisis are ready to provide an effective, rapid response.

Are we regulatory compliant?

The regulatory and compliance landscape is continually evolving to ensure organisations maintain the highest level of data security, integrity, and confidentiality. Requirements are often complex and difficult to navigate, however, proactive strategies help to keep your business free from compliance penalties and legal involvement while enabling a clear route to new and existing business.

CYFOR Secure advises and prepares businesses to cost-effectively meet their legal and regulatory compliance requirements. We position security before compliance, providing you with a trusted advisor in cyber security, risk management and governance. We can help identify the right frameworks based on your industry and security requirements, and provide insight into the inner workings of each framework.