Secure your business infrastructure and networks with Penetration Testing.

Extensive CREST accredited Penetration Testing services designed to expose vulnerabilities within IT systems and mitigate exploitation.

Cyber-attacks and breaches cause organisations to lose vast sums of money, loss of valuable data and in many cases cause irreparable damage. Penetration testing is a viable method to help combat malicious activities. CYFOR Secure provides a range of CREST accredited penetration testing services that include rigorous assessments of your organisation’s network. This is with the aim of exposing vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your systems and their potential exploitation. The comprehensive reporting provided by our cyber security experts includes executive summaries and detailed technical recommendations to enhance the current level of IT security within the systems networks of your organisation.

What is Penetration Testing?

A Penetration Test (also referred to as a ‘Pen Test’) is an assault on your organisation’s network with the aim of testing the ability of your systems to withstand a cyber-attack.

The test is executed in an ethical manner so as not to disrupt your actual business operations, while actively identifying exploitable system weaknesses. Once identified, remediation techniques can be applied to address these vulnerabilities and secure your IT infrastructure.

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Types of Penetration Tests

There are different types of penetration tests, all of which focus on various aspects of an organisation’s logical perimeter; the boundary separating a business network from the internet.

  • Internal network penetration tests
  • External network penetration tests
  • Web application penetration tests
  • Wireless network penetration tests
  • Mobile application penetration tests
  • Physical device penetration tests

The Importance of Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are a key security assessment for many organisations, undertaken at routine intervals and identify exploitable vulnerabilities in complex networks and computer systems. The information generated from such tests can provide valuable information about the security status of a business and act as a commercial ‘enabler’, with a clean bill of health ensuring that new commercial agreements can be signed, and new ventures can be pursued with a high level of confidence.

Conducting regular security testing will help to:

  • Ensure that your existing IT security is effective;
  • Identify security flaws so that appropriate controls are implemented;
  • Test new and existing software and systems for vulnerabilities;
  • Demonstrate a security commitment to external and internal stakeholders.
  • Support compliance with relevant privacy laws and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018;
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