A trusted cyber security partner to numerous businesses, from large corporates to SMEs, across a full spectrum of industries.

Legal Firms

Secure the digital transformation of your law firm with enhanced cyber security.

Digital transformation has become a priority for law firms with a focus on delivering a more streamlined and integrated client approach. However, with the responsibility of sensitive client data, this innovation must be coupled with compliance and security.

As part of the CYFOR Group, our experts have over 20 years of experience collaborating with law firms. This expertise will provide you with the confidence to work with us as your trusted cyber security partner, ensuring cyber resilience, data security and ongoing innovation to achieve a secure competitive advantage.

Accountancy & Financial Services

Deliver your client and organisation goals by securing the technology that enables digital transformation.

Secure your digital transformation with an extension of your internal security & compliance operation that’s led by people & enabled by technology.

Financial organisations are now digitally transforming to deliver streamlined and innovative services to keep up with ever-changing client demands.

However, this shouldn’t come at the expense of cyber security or regulatory compliance. CYFOR Secure provide a range of comprehensive cyber security services designed to give financial businesses peace of mind.

Energy & Utilities

Expert cyber security and risk management services designed to secure critical infrastructures.

Threats and challenges within the energy sector are diverse and expansive. With critical infrastructures that are required to be resilient and always-on while keeping up with evolving technology, the challenge is keeping pace with regulations and threats.

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, threatening operations, and exposing vulnerabilities in legacy technology that is connected to more advanced cloud-based devices.

If these vulnerabilities are exploited, critical systems could be compromised. Our experts can provide the expertise required to ensure continuity and operational effectiveness.


Modernise legacy point of sale technologies, and maintain a high level of cyber security and PCI compliance.

With a rapid shift to e-commerce, stored online payment details and transaction data, e-commerce businesses are an attractive target to hackers and cybercriminals. Simultaneously, new technologies are being developed to replace legacy sales tech that improves the user experience and increases revenue.

To enable the secure adoption of these new systems, businesses must undergo regular cyber security assessments, and maintain long-term security roadmaps. Coupled with this it’s equally as important to have the right cyber security on the right platforms supporting your business.

With over 20 years’ experience within cyber security, CYFOR Secure provide a range of cyber security services, that include risk management, advisory services, and penetration testing. Our experts understand how attackers target retail companies and can advise on how to make the right investment for your business.

Transport & Manufacturing

Protect your transport and manufacturing infrastructure to ensure the highest level of data security

Companies in transport and manufacturing have traditionally focused on physical security. Many have started the transition to digital platforms to improve operational capabilities which in turn has increased their risk of cyber-attacks.

This is more prominent if systems are not adequately protected by cyber security technology. Due to the complexity of these sectors, minor disturbances can turn into major disruptions, causing downtime and revenue loss.

CYFOR Secure is a trusted data security advisor offering a wide range of proactive and reactive cyber security services designed to get your business to the right level of cyber maturity.


Media & Telecoms

Ensuring the security, resilience, and availability of your products and services.

Businesses that provide telecommunications require the highest security and uptime to keep up with growing consumer demands. Cyber-attacks of any kind have the ability to slow down and interrupt services, as well as impact revenue.

CYFOR Secure has proven experience when it comes to protecting critical systems and data. We deliver cyber auditing, penetration testing, and security consulting along with incident response services.

Engineering & Construction

Protecting the intellectual property and IT infrastructure of engineering and construction firms.

Engineering and construction firms typically hold intellectual property that is crucial to the daily operations of the business. With modern digital technologies inevitably being used to improve functionality, there are still risks, especially if these are integrated with legacy systems.

The risks of a cyber-attack are more prominent if systems are not adequately protected by up-to-date cyber security monitoring and protection. Due to the complexity of the systems in these sectors, cyber-attacks of any kind can cause major disruptions, resulting in serious downtime.

With a high level of experience in this sector, especially with incident response, CYFOR Secure are the trusted experts to get your business to the right level of cyber maturity.