Preventing an attack, alongside detecting and disrupting threats at the earliest opportunity, helps to mitigate disruption caused to your business as a result. At CYFOR Secure, our proactive cyber security services are headed by our experienced team, who will actively work towards preventing cyber attacks against your business. It’s much more efficient to put together cyber safeguarding procedures than address a time-sensitive attack or threat when it happens. 

They say prevention is better than cure, and that stands true for cyber protection. In an ever-changing landscape, it’s vital that all businesses, no matter the industry, are doing more than ever before in order to reinforce their cyber defences with proactive cyber security protection. 

Doing nothing with your cyber security is no longer an option for businesses. It’s vital that, with our proactive cyber security services, you protect your organisation and professional reputation. 

Our Proactive Cyber Protection Services


Cyber Assessments

As part of our proactive cyber security services, our cyber assessments provide guidance towards your current cyber security practices and where any weaknesses may lie. These assessments include services such as endpoint testing and cyber security audits. 

Managed Cyber Security 

We understand that not every business has the resources in place to dedicate to cyber security. Our managed cyber security services are designed to safeguard your business against critical cyber threats through ongoing cyber security management, as part of our proactive approach to cyber security services. 

Incident Response Retainers

In the event of a breach or cyber attack, you need to respond quickly and efficiently. As a result, you may be looking at a very costly recovery. With our incident response retainers, we ensure that you only pay for the services you need so that, in the event of a breach or attack, we’re on hand to react in the quickest possible time frame, reducing the impact on your business. With our proactive cyber security services, we want to ensure you’re protected, just in case. 

Reducing Your Exposure To Risks 

Our proactive cyber security services are designed to reduce and minimise your business’ exposure to common and harmful cyber security threats and attacks. With our team putting steps, controls and processes into place, you can be sure that any threats or attacks against your business are mitigated. We’re here to help protect your business, at every stage. For more information on our proactive cyber security services, contact the team at CYFOR Secure today.

Proactive Cyber Security FAQs

What Is The Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Cyber Security?

Many businesses have cyber security measures in place to prevent malicious attacks on their company. This can include firewalls, threat monitoring software and antivirus software. If a cyber attack does occur on a business, it will require a plan to deal with it. 

Proactive cyber security is there to prevent a cyber attack from occurring. At CYFOR Secure, our cyber security service will review the existing security infrastructure in place, looking to improve it in any way possible, thus helping to reduce the risk of a cyber attack.

The Benefits of Proactive Cybersecurity

There are many benefits to proactive cyber defence. Firstly, it is in place to protect your company from any security breaches. To do this, a cybersecurity service needs to complete several vulnerability assessments and identify any issues inside your company that could be a concern. Penetration testing is also completed, which simulates a cyber attack to help identify weak spots in the system. 


Cyber security audits are also carried out in order to detect threats and vulnerabilities. These audits ensure the correct security measures are in place to prevent cyber threats. It also helps improve internal practices, so employees know what to do so they don’t put your company at further risk in the event of an attack. Audits need to be completed by a third-party cyber security service as well. 

Another benefit of proactive cybersecurity service is that it helps establish security risks earlier. Plus, a company can identify modern cyber risks and adapt its proactive cyber security to ensure security breaches don’t occur. 

A further benefit of proactive cyber defence is to help reduce expenses. If a cyber attack does occur, your business runs the risk of losing important or sensitive financial details. There is also the risk of paying legal fees, regulatory fines and damage to the company’s reputation.

Common Misunderstandings Of Proactive Cyber Security

Some businesses tend to avoid cyber security prevention simply for several reasons. One reason for this is that businesses believe it is too expensive and takes too much time to implement. However, that is not entirely true. A company would lose more money if data is breached and damaged. If a company has a solid proactive cyber security infrastructure, it will reduce the risk of these data breaches and will only need to pay management fees.

Another misconception is that only large companies should have proactive cyber defence in place. This is not the case. No matter the size of the business, they should have a proactive cyber security infrastructure in place to prevent any losses to the company. Smaller companies cannot afford damage to their reputation and finances to be stolen which is why they must ensure they prevent any cyber attacks before they occur. 

Finally, many businesses believe that once the security measures are in place to prevent a cyber attack from happening, they no longer have the services of a cyber security company. Again, this is not true. Cyber security is a never-ending process as cyber security risks evolve with new technology. As a business, you need to review the existing security measures and adapt them.