Our Microsoft Office 365 Security Audit will help you protect your infrastructure, identify security flaws and get visibility over configuration gaps.

CYFOR Secure’s comprehensive Office 365 security assessment provides actionable intelligence, streamlines IT compliance, and provides an understanding of how your company’s data is being managed.

The Microsoft Office 365 audit ensures that the platform is configured correctly and will protect you in the event of an incident. It will also ensure that all logging is enabled to detect potential data breaches and unauthorised login attempts.

There are many features in Microsoft Office 365 that are not enabled as default and can offer a significant benefit when enabled and configured correctly. Our Office 365 audit will provide the details of what security issues are present and offer advice on what can be done to mitigate them.

Secure your Office 365 environment and protect your business data

  • Prevent data breaches and enhanced compliance through guided configuration
  • Monitor, Detect, Alert and Remediate risks and incidents
  • Recover and Remediate breached accounts

Prevent Incidents

CYFOR Secure tailors the security configurations to fit an organisation’s unique usage and compliance needs, ensuring that each user can automate the configurations in a streamlined and hassle-free way. Our experts scan your entire Office 365 infrastructure, highlighting issues and guiding you through best practices to achieve a high level of security.

Detect Threats

Our Office 365 security assessment identifies live risks and potential threats, highlighting suspicious user activity and configuration changes 24/7. It detects threats in real-time, alerting users and allowing a remediation of incidents and breaches.


Our cyber security experts can identify incidents and breaches in your Office 365 account and apply remediation measures to recover your data. We can compile accurate incident audits and retrieve historical data for both new as well as existing users.