With over 20 years of experience in cyber incident response, CYFOR Secure helps businesses affected by ransomware to coordinate an immediate and quality technical response.

Our ransomware response team provides ransomware remediation, ransomware incident response, and Bitcoin ransom payment. If a backup fails, we will negotiate the ransom with hackers and get your business back online. Our ransomware incident breach response team is ready to assist. With a high success rate in previous ransomware cases, we can get your business back up and operational with minimal downtime.


What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malware that is designed to restrict and deny access to files on a user’s computer. By encrypting these files, hackers can then demand a payment to release the restricted files, putting the business in a position where they feel that paying the ransom is the easiest and quickest way to regain access. Ransomware attacks are common and can be hugely debilitating to a business’s network, which is why having ransomware protection services in place can help protect and mitigate the impact they have.


Ransomware first responders

Ransomware can be high risk and easier to pull off than traditional data theft, and exceedingly profitable for attackers, with CYFOR Secure’s experts witnessing a rise in ransomware attacks against businesses. Our ransomware recovery specialists determine what data has been encrypted, the path the threat actors took to gain entry, perform technical forensic investigation for the recovery of data and coordinate expert ransomware negotiation to minimise loss, enabling you to focus on internal recovery.

CYFOR Secure also provides individual aspects of our ransomware response service to assist your existing teams. We work with clients and their legal advisors to obtain a clear picture of potential impact and how best to respond. Partnering with us provides your organization with a cyber security partner that can be trusted to assist when a ransomware attack occurs.

Our capabilities

  • Our ransomware incident response and forensic team can be accessed 24/7
  • Ransomware investigation & response services
  • Coordinated investigative and restorative response
  • Procurement of decryption tools and execution of decryption process
  • Threat actor engagement and negotiation
  • Full reporting with any necessary law enforcement, regulators and insurers

Business Remediation

CYFOR Secure can help a business that has suffered a catastrophic cyber-attack. With infrastructure completely inaccessible, and backups not available, our team of experts can facilitate entire business network rebuilds, whether that be on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions.


  • Vulnerability scanning services – a component of a vulnerability assessment program, you can be notified when a scan comes across out-of-date or unpatched software on your system. We can evaluate your network for hidden threats or ransomware that hasn’t yet been executed, as well as the presence of other malware.
  • Network architecture review – a business remediation service that can evaluate and rebuild your network to be more resilient to ransomware attacks.
  • Root cause analysis – digital forensics services can evaluate your environment to identify how your organization was compromised and provide remediation guidance or services to remove the identified vulnerability or vulnerabilities.
  • Training and awareness programs – training your staff to recognize social engineering / phishing attacks.

Has your business has suffered a ransomware attack? Contact our incident responders immediately!