Managed Cyber Security Services 

With our best-of-breed technologies and systems, here at CYFOR Secure, we offer a range of advanced managed cyber security services. Our next-generation solutions have been designed to help safeguard your business against cyber threats and attacks, protect digital assets and secure your business environments. 

With our managed cyber security services, we can monitor endpoints, provide insight into potential threats and ensure your employees are well-prepared to spot the signs of cyber attacks or threats. Alongside this, we also offer managed cyber security services and IT support so that you can focus on your commercial goals, whilst we take care of the cyber security side. 

With frontline experience in providing security services, our team are on hand to support you with monitoring your existing cyber security protocols, as well as offering phishing simulations and ongoing protections of your networks.

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The most common threat vector to businesses is phishing attempts (83%)

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31% of businesses and 26% of charities estimate they are attacked at least once a week.

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20% of businesses say they experienced a negative outcome as a direct consequence of a cyber attack.

All statistical information is taken from the Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022

How Our Managed Cyber Security Services Benefit Your Business

Businesses using managed cyber security services is becoming the new norm. Businesses are having to deal with much more than just the standard day to day tasks, meaning that things such as cyber security often get left behind. This is where we come in. With our managed cyber security services, not only can you rest assured that your cyber security needs are being handled by a dedicated team, but you can also make the most of the additional benefits, including:

Reduced Costs

With our managed cyber security services, you have a dedicated team of experienced specialists working on your business, without the need to expand your in-house team. Building your own team of cyber security specialists can be costly, but using an outsourced team is a much more cost-effective way to ensure your business is cyber security compliant.

Ensure Rapid Incident Response

Managed cyber security services that include incident response and investigation offer an unrivalled benefit in that they are best equipped to handle and respond to an incident. In the event of a cyber security incident, our team works quickly and efficiently to reduce any further harm to your business. From a single device compromise to a business-wide alert, the CYFOR Secure team are on hand to quickly assess any cyber security incidents and make recommendations for further actions.

Manage Risk & Compliance

As a business handling customer, client and even employee data, ensuring that you are fully compliant with the latest regulatory requirements and purposes. Our managed cyber security services work in line with the latest recommendations and regulations, ensuring that your assets, as well as that of your customers and clients, are protected. By using managed cyber security services, you have the benefit of working with a team who have expertise in management and compliance.

Protect Your Business With Managed Cyber Security Services

With our managed cyber security services, we can deliver end-to-end management, keeping your business protected against a vast range of threats and vulnerabilities. We ensure that, in the event of any incident, we can provide a seamless and rapid response with our managed cyber security services, but we also provide ongoing and daily monitoring and management of your business so that you have peace of mind. For more information on our managed cyber security services, contact CYFOR Secure today.

Managed Cyber Security FAQs

What Are Managed Cyber Security Services?

Managed cyber security services are typically provided by a company that focuses on cyber security technology, as well as security best practices and cyber security threat prevention and mitigation, as opposed to an in-house team. They offer the complete implementation, administration and oversight of a company’s cyber security process. 

Choosing an externally managed cyber security service, rather than building an in-house team, means that you’ll get a dedicated and experienced team who keep up to date with the latest in cyber security. Unlike an in-house team, who may only spot issues or threats every few months, a team offering managed cyber security services monitor these things on a more regular basis and work through a structured process.

At CYFOR Secure, we provide a range of managed cyber security services designed to identify, combat and tackle cyber threats and vulnerabilities, whilst also ensuring the education and prevention of future threats for your employees. With around 31% of businesses estimating that they are attacked at least once a week, we aim to mitigate the impact of these threats and put protections in place to ensure that they don’t occur in the first place.

What Advantages Are There Of Managed Cyber Security Services?

Our managed cyber security services are headed by a team of expert professionals who have vast experience and knowledge in the cyber security sector. As well as this, we also used the latest technologies and tried and tested processes to ensure a complete, multilayered approach. 

With our managed cyber security services, we aim to build a network of intelligence, helping to better protect your business and networks against vulnerabilities, threats and hacks, whilst also helping better educate your employees on spotting cyber threats. You can also rest assured that your cyber security is being taken care of in the very best way, which if you handle sensitive customer or client information, provides you with further peace of mind.

Why Should I Consider Managed Cyber Security Services?

Our managed cyber security services offer continuous insight into your business, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There will be no period of time where your business goes unchecked or unmonitored, meaning that your business is being regularly and continuously checked for the possibilities of threats, vulnerabilities or weaknesses. These types of cyber security services, when done in-house, require a huge investment in your technology offerings, as well as manpower and often aren’t as quick with deployment or finding the root of the problem.

Cyber attacks can happen at a very quick pace and, if an in-house team isn’t prepared, this can be disastrous. With our managed cyber security services, we can keep up with any evolving threats, address issues as and when they arise and, help your business recover and mitigate the impact in the unlikely event of a threat being detected too late. 

If you’re not sure where to start with your cyber security, then our managed cyber security services are a great starting point from which we can conduct vulnerability and penetration testing, carry out security scans and look into other cyber security management services which may help further secure your business.