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The cyber insurance market has changed dramatically over the last few years as a result of the pandemic, with hybrid working being commonplace and the huge increase in ransomware. Previously, social engineering was one of the biggest threats and insurers could remain profitable while paying out against full policies in the event of a breach; ransomware and the vast cost of attacks have changed this entirely.

For the market to stay profitable, premiums rose and are expected to continue to do so in the next few years by 82% of insurers. Plus, the industry has an image problem – many perceive that cyber insurance has been a driver of ransomware, rather than an influencer of good cyber hygiene. However, there are solutions. Insurers need a robust ecosystem of partners to support them, help better quantify risk and improve the cyber security of their clients.

Why Partner With Us

CYFOR Secure has a deep understanding of cyber insurance and has experience working with both insurers and law firms. Managing each stage of the cyber security incident lifecycle, CYFOR Secure provides an end-to-end solution from breach response to full network rebuilds. Our ability to develop and utilise proprietary software saves costs and improves efficiency when responding to incidents, with our experts supporting your underwriting and claims processes.

CYFOR Secure Services for Cyber Insurers

Incident Response

CYFOR Secure’s Cyber Incident Responders are highly experienced in handling Cyber Attacks within organisations of any size, whether that’s a Business Email Compromise within an SME or a global enterprise suffering a Ransomware Attack, our team are prepared to respond. Rapid engagement and analysis to contain threats and recover to business as normal is what we do best. We act professionally, and efficiently, bringing the best personnel into the engagement to put our clients’ best interests first.

Network Rebuilds

Depending upon the severity of the attack, sometimes the only option is to rebuild the client’s network environment, either partially or completely but with security at the pinnacle of decisions being made. Our team of dedicated Infrastructure rebuild specialists understand the threats to every business sector and environment and drive the business back to life. This is often regarded as the most important stage following a cyber incident due to the sharp increase in repeat attacks.

eDiscovery & Compromised Data Review

Our eDiscovery offering is comprised of two industry-leading tools, Nuix for the fastest of data processing and Relativity for the most efficient document review tool. DFIR analysis often identifies large volumes of compromised PII, with the client requiring the ability to search the compromised data to determine what may have been accessed or exfiltrated by a third party. Our eDiscovery works hand-in-hand with our DFIR team, ensuring the seamless transition from one service to another allowing the client to further understand the scale of the attack.

Digital Forensics

Building on the 20 years of CYFOR’s Digital Forensics service, we have continued to drive the knowledge and skills of our team to efficiently and accurately forensically analyse data from any source with a rigorous and systematic approach following an attack. With the speed of response being critical, CYFOR designed and implemented a purpose-built solution allowing for the immediate remote collection of data following a breach, allowing for the analysis, and reporting of findings in the timeliest manner possible. Accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 17025 ensure our workflows are of the highest standard and results can be relied upon in any court.

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