Data Breach Document Review Using Relativity

In today’s digital landscape, data breaches are a growing concern for organisations across all industries, posing significant risks to sensitive information. To help insurers and law firms navigate through the ramifications of a data breach, CYFOR Secure offer a comprehensive Data Breach Document Review service, utilising the advanced capabilities of Relativity, a leading e-discovery platform.

Our service focuses on meticulous data collection, detection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI), deduplication, and managed document review, forming an integral part of mitigating risks and enhancing legal strategies.

  1. Data Collection: Building a Solid Foundation

Our first step involves the systematic collection of data from diverse sources. We ensure that every piece of compromised data is captured, indexed, and stored securely. Robust data collection is critical, forming the foundation upon which further analysis and review are built, allowing insurers and law firms to gain a comprehensive understanding of the breach’s scope and impact.

  1. PII and PHI Detection: Safeguarding Sensitive Information

With the collected data in place, we utilise advanced tools integrated with Relativity to detect and isolate PII and PHI. These tools are equipped with cutting-edge technology to accurately identify sensitive information, ensuring that individuals’ privacy is prioritised and aiding organisations in compliance with data protection regulations.

  1. De-Duplication: Streamlining the Review Process

Relativity’s sophisticated deduplication features play a crucial role in our service. By eliminating duplicate documents and information, we significantly reduce the volume of data for review, streamlining the process and saving valuable time and resources, which is particularly beneficial for insurers and law firms operating under tight schedules and budgets.

  1. Managed Document Review: Comprehensive Analysis of Compromised Data

Once the data set is refined, we conduct a thorough review to classify the documents in line with the nature of the breach’s investigation. Our team of experts meticulously reviews each document to determine its relevance and significance to the breach, providing detailed analysis and insights. This methodical approach is essential in uncovering the depth of the breach, identifying potential legal implications, and formulating robust legal strategies.


Benefits for Insurers, Law Firms and Organisations

a) Risk Mitigation:

Our Data Breach Document Review service is instrumental in mitigating risks for insurers and law firms. By promptly and accurately identifying compromised PII and PHI, we enable organisations to take immediate corrective actions, thereby reducing the likelihood of regulatory penalties and reputational damage.

b) Enhanced Legal Strategy:

With a wealth of information and insights gained through document review, law firms can develop more informed and effective legal strategies. This enhanced strategic approach is crucial in addressing the complexities of data breach cases and achieving favourable outcomes.

c) Cost-Efficiency:

We are unique in that we do not charge on the industry standard “per GB model” meaning reduced hosting costs and no hidden surprises. The deduplication and filtering process also contributes to cost-efficiency by reducing the volume of data to be reviewed. This results in lower review costs and enables insurers and law firms to allocate resources more effectively.

d) Compliance Support:

Our service aids in ensuring compliance with various data protection regulations, helping organisations to navigate the legal landscape confidently and safeguarding them against potential liabilities.

In an era where data breaches are increasingly prevalent, our Data Breach Document Review service using Relativity stands as a beacon of support for insurers, law firms and organisations directly. By combining advanced technology with breach expertise, we deliver a comprehensive solution designed to mitigate risks, enhance legal strategy, and support regulatory compliance. Embrace the future of data breach management with our innovative and tailored service, paving the way for a more secure and informed digital landscape.