Breach Response Services

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly advanced and challenging to detect. Relying on reactive protection is not sufficient enough to prevent an incident and, with cyber attacks leading to revenue loss, reputational damage and operational downtime, it’s more important than ever to invest in data breach response services. 

At CYFOR Secure, we provide a range of data breach response services that are designed and tailored to protect your data and assets.


We combine advanced security measures with analytics, intelligence and expertise to provide you with security services that you can trust, protecting clients in employment, media, insurance, financial services and law specialists.  

Our data breach response services provide clients with usable and tangible intelligence, along with the services and team of experts needed, to monitor and defend against these highly sophisticated and targeted threats and attacks.

Protect Your Business With Data Breach Response Services

Data breach response services have emerged in recent years to protect against cyber security threats at a time when most businesses don’t have the resources to dedicate to training staff or implement security measures. 


At CYFOR Secure, our data breach response services team work to determine any alerts or threats and, using their expertise, have the skills required to neutralise any attacks before becoming a serious breach. Businesses must have steps in place to be able to detect, investigate and record any data breaches, as well as carry out preliminary audits or post-threat risk assessments. Having an effective data breach response in place can help you to do this. 

We understand that a business data breach can have a range of adverse effects on your company and there can be repercussions, often serious ones, in place for businesses that fail to prepare or report a data breach. For more information on our data breach response services, contact us today

Has your business suffered a cyber-attack or data breach? Our cyber security experts are on hand to assist you immediately.

Cyber Incident Response Services
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Breach Response FAQs

What Is Meant By A Data Breach?

A data breach is an incident where personal or valuable information is stolen or taken from a business without the knowledge of the network’s owner. Stolen data may include sensitive, confidential or proprietary information such as customer or client data, credit card or payment information or password and login information. Typically, the effects brought on by a data breach result mostly in the form of reputational damage, but financial implications are also common. Most data breaches are, typically, the result of malware or cyber attacks, where cyber criminals look for weaknesses in which they can exploit.

How Does Cyber Breach Response Work?

Our cyber breach response services work by monitoring, detecting and responding to potential or credible cyber breaches within your organisation. We use endpoint protection to identify and prioritise any potential breaches and, from this, we can then pass on this information to our cyber breach response team who will determine the right response to the threat.

What Are The Benefits Of Data Breach Response Services?

With today’s cyber threats becoming more complex than ever before, businesses are now beginning to see the growing need for cyber security services, including managed detection and response services. These services detect and respond to any threats that may bypass pre-existing security measures. By choosing CYFOR Secure to look after and manage your data breach response, you can rest assured that a dedicated team are on hand to look after your network. 

We don’t operate on a one-size-fits-all approach and, instead, we provide a personalised data breach response service that looks to improve your overall cyber security processes, identify and stop any threats and, in the case of an incident, can respond swiftly to mitigate the impact of a data breach upon your business.