Protect your business data with advanced Endpoint Protection

Comprehensive Endpoint Protection services delivering vulnerability management, collaboration protection integrated patch management and advanced cyber threat detection and response.

To keep your endpoints safe, you need an easy way to identify and prioritise risks, reduce your attack surface, and stop breaches before they happen. That means you need protection that blocks advanced, automated, and targeted threats like ransomware, exploits and fileless attacks.

CYFOR Secure’s Endpoint Protection is cloud-native, with AI-powered endpoint monitoring that you can deploy instantly from your browser and manage easily from a single console. It integrates across all your endpoints, keeping your organisation fenced in from attacks.

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Why use CYFOR Secure?

  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY - Advanced anti-malware and patch management ensure no disruptions to business continuity.
  • FIGHT RANSOMWARE - Extra layers of security so you never get locked out of data or devices.
  • FIGHT UNKNOWN ATTACKS - Shares community-sourced data across devices to prevent zero-day attacks.
  • INTEGRATED PATCH MANAGEMENT - Block up to 80% of attacks with automatic patching for Windows and 3rd party software.