Proactive Ransomware Protection

Preventing ransomware attacks requires paying careful attention to every aspect of data within your business. It also requires the implementation of a multilayered ransomware protection solution to what is, essentially, a multilayered problem. This is where our ransomware protection services come in, as we understand that not all businesses have the infrastructure in place to do this.

We make sure that our approach to ransomware protection includes all of these different aspects, including ongoing management and monitoring, to ensure that we can help protect your business, detect any incidents and help you recover and move on from cyber threats and attacks. Our ransomware protection services are ever-adapting to the evolving changes in cyber security so that you can rest assured that your data is protected. Alongside our other detection and incident response services, our ransomware protection services can provide you with the intelligence, insight and expertise needed to deal with modern cyber threats.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malware that is designed to restrict and deny access to files on a user’s computer. By encrypting these files, hackers can then demand a payment to release the restricted files, putting the business in a position where they feel that paying the ransom is the easiest and quickest way to regain access.

Ransomware attacks are common and can be hugely debilitating to a business’s network, which is why having ransomware protection services in place can help protect and mitigate the impact they have. 

Types Of Ransomware

There are dozens of different ransomware variants that exist, each one with its own characteristics. Some ransomware, however, is more prolific than others which can make them more successful in causing damage. In the event of a ransomware attack, being able to recognise the signs of common ransomwares can help speed up the response from our ransomware protection services and get your business the help it needs quicker. 


DearCry ransomware uses encryption and targets certain types of files. Once the encryption process is finished, DearCry then shows a ransom message instructing users to send an email to the operators to learn how to decrypt their files. This new ransomware variant was designed to take advantage of vulnerabilities within Microsoft Exchange. 


Ryuk is one of a few very targeted ransomware variants. Most commonly it is delivered using phishing emails or through the use of compromised credentials which are used to log in to systems. Once a system is infected, Ryuk then encrypts certain kinds of files, usually avoiding those which are vital to the operation of the computer, and then provides a ransom demand. Ryuk is one of the most expensive types of ransomware and can make ransom demands of over $1 million. Ryuk cyber criminals tend to target businesses or enterprises that have this resource available. 


LockBit is a data encryption malware which has been in circulation for a few years. This ransomware was developed to encrypt large organisations quickly in order to prevent quick detection and cause more damage. 

Reducing Risk With Ransomware Protection

With the very high potential cost that comes with ransomware infection, when it comes to ransomware protection, prevention is the best strategy. Our ransomware protection services help to reduce the risk of an attack by addressing different areas within your networks that could be used as a point of entry and searching for any potential vulnerabilities. 

As there is no single way in which you can completely protect your company networks against ransomware infection, our ransomware protection services combine different layers of defence, with further mitigations at each of these layers. Our team then has more opportunities to detect malware, whilst stopping it before causing any real damage to your business. It is best to assume that some malware will infiltrate your system networks so that you can take the right steps in ensuring that the impact is limited, whilst also speeding up your response.

How We Provide Ransomware Protection

Here at CYFOR Secure, we believe that ransomware protection starts with implementing the right security services and having strategies in place that can mitigate the risk posed by ransomware. 

Our team of cyber experts are here to help you build better and smarter ransomware protection defences, as well as identify any vulnerabilities or gaps within your networks. We can also be in place, should a ransomware attack happen, to quickly respond and help your business recover from an attack. For more information on our ransomware protection services, contact the CYFOR Secure team today.


What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware which removes your access to your data. This data could be encrypted or removed, and you won’t be able to see it anymore. Hackers then demand payment in exchange for returning your computer access. Many companies lose a lot of money through this scam. Ransomware protection is very important when it comes to the safety of your business.

What Is Ransomware Protection?

Our ransomware protection services start with implementing the right cyber security protection, and having strategies in place to protect your company. Our ransomware protection plan would also aim to mitigate the damage in case your business fell victim to a ransomware attack. As there is no one single way in which you can completely protect your business networks against a cyber attack, particularly ransomware threats, we look to add protection to different points within your network.

Our team of cyber security experts are here to help you create better ransomware protection defences and identify anywhere where you might be vulnerable to ransomware attacks. We will also be there to help in case you fall victim to a ransomware attack.

What Causes Ransomware Attacks?

The most important part of ransomware protection is knowing how ransomware attacks occur. Ransomware is malware that is often downloaded onto a device by accident, usually through user error, such as clicking on suspicious links in emails or downloading infected files – ransomware is often downloaded because of phishing scams and software vulnerabilities. Ransomware protection would help to prevent cyber attacks from happening via these methods.

What Happens If You Fall Victim To Ransomware?

Ransomware can be devastating for your business. Your computer, devices or network may become locked, and you will only be able to access it again by paying a cyber criminal the ransom. This could financially devastate your business as your money and client data could be stolen or compromised, which may also risk damaging your reputation. Ransomware protection is incredibly important to protect your business from such impacts.

Is Ransomware Easy To Remove?

Prevention is the most important part of ransomware protection. Once ransomware has infected a system, it can be extremely difficult to remove. Ransomware is usually only identified after an attacker announces itself, typically when they are demanding money, however, there is no guarantee that if you pay the ransom, the hacker will unencrypt the files. This is why it is so vital to protect your business from ransomware attacks from the outset. 

Our team here at CYFOR Secure will, in the event of a ransomware attack, be able to consider which remediation methods to conduct in order to mitigate the risks. It is dependent on the type of ransomware that has infected your system or networks as to how easy it is to remove, but our team will be able to better inform you in the event of a ransomware attack.

Are Ransomware Hackers Ever Caught?

Arrests and prosecutions are rare when it comes to ransomware cyber attackers and it is often difficult to locate these attackers. This is why it is so important to update your ransomware protection as it could be the only thing stopping you from being affected financially and reputationally. As mentioned, ransomware is difficult to remove and difficult to track the source of. Updating your ransomware protection strategy may prevent these hackers from stealing from your business.