Joel Tobias - CYFOR

Joel Tobias

Chief Executive Officer

CYFOR’s industry-recognised name was created to be an amalgamation of Cyber and Forensics and was founded by Joel Tobias in 2002, with the sole purpose of supplying Digital Forensics expertise for both criminal and civil proceedings.

This service offering rapidly advanced and Joel grew the business from a one-person office to a fully customised secure building, the current location of CYFOR’s Head Office in the North West of England.

Joel has several forensic qualifications, including EnCE and a broad range of investigative experience to complement his commercial credentials.

With overall managerial responsibility, Joel has spearheaded the strategic development of the business, constantly adapting to the ever-changing industry of technology. With CYFOR proudly growing each year, Joel has led from the front to ensure all growth targets are met, without compromising our first-class reputation.

When Joel isn’t in his office, he can be found up in the sky, being a passionate pilot of fixed-wing planes and helicopters.

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