Cyber threats are an issue that all businesses need to take seriously, and cyber security should be high on the company agenda. But where do you start? Fortunately, securing businesses with cyber security expertise is CYFOR Secure’s speciality.

Businesses face ever-evolving and sophisticated cyber security threats that are becoming increasingly difficult to detect. Without sufficient protection, these threats will find vulnerabilities in your company’s IT systems and have the potential to wreak havoc, leading to operational downtime, revenue losses, and reputational damage. This raises the question of where to start when on the path to securing your business from cyber-attacks. Fortunately, this is where CYFOR Secure can help.

Proactive and reactive cyber security services

CYFOR Secure specialise in a breadth of proactive and reactive cyber security services, with expertise in Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR). We are a trusted provider to SMEs and large enterprises globally, spanning numerous sectors that include manufacturing, legal, engineering, healthcare, finance, and telecommunications. Our range of cyber assessment services provides guidance through cyber security best practices to ensure the integrity of your organisation. We can uncover the security threats and vulnerable gaps in your IT systems, which can then be mitigated quickly and effectively, allowing us to maintain the integrity of your company data and digital assets.

Detection and monitoring

Should you require ongoing support to maintain business continuity, CYFOR Secure’s detection and monitoring services provide clients with useable threat intelligence, managed cyber security services and experts needed to defend against the new generation of cyber-attacks. If a security threat presents itself, we can identify and neutralise it accordingly.

Cyber security incident response

In the unfortunate event that your organisation has suffered a compromising cyber-attack, our experts are on hand to assist you immediately.
Following a cyber security incident, seconds count and delays can severely impact your organisation’s finances and reputation. Engaging CYFOR Secure’s highly skilled and experienced Digital Forensics and Cyber Incident Response (DFIR) Team ensure rapid response to any cyber security incident that you’re experiencing. Backed with a wealth of knowledge, proven methodology and industry-leading technology, the impact on your organisation will be minimised.
Our cyber security consultants combine forensic investigative and complete remediation expertise to mitigate a range of critical situations. This will ensure your organisation gets back to operational effectiveness, quickly and efficiently.

It has never been more critical for organisations to understand the risks posed to IT systems, and in turn, data, finances, and brand reputations. Our experts ensure that the technical aspects and specific sensitivities of each cyber security engagement are fully understood, mitigating any cyber risks, and enforcing security protocols. The knowledge and expertise offered by our consultants make us ideally suited to intelligently advise and implement the appropriate cyber security strategies for your business.