Has your business suffered a cyber-attack or data breach? Our cyber security experts are on hand to assist you immediately.

Our Cyber Incident Response experts are skilled at mitigating the damaging effects of cyber-attacks. We help businesses recover quickly and efficiently from cyber incidents.

Following a cyber security incident, seconds count and delays can have a severe impact on your organisation’s finances and reputation. Engaging CYFOR Secure’s highly skilled and experienced Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) Team ensures rapid response to any Cyber Security Incident that you’re experiencing. Backed with a wealth of knowledge, proven methodology and industry-leading technology, the impact on your organisation will be minimised.

Our cyber security consultants combine forensic investigative and cyber remediation expertise to mitigate a range of critical situations. This will ensure your organisation gets back to operational effectiveness, quickly and efficiently.

Cyber Incident Response Services

Our cyber security incident responders follow a proven methodology in the event of a cyber-attack and acknowledge the time-critical element of security incidents.

If you have been, or suspect that you have been, a victim of a security breach, CYFOR Secure’s 24/7 Cyber Incident Response service can provide rapid on-site and remote support.

Whether you are new to our services or have a guaranteed response retainer in place, call us now and speak to our experienced team of incident responders.

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End-to-End 24/7

  • From investigation to crisis management, our comprehensive cyber incident response service resolves all aspects of a cyber breach with industry-leading expertise.
  • Seamless rapid incident response operating on a 24/7 basis to limit damage and contain the incident.
  • With proactive monitoring and incident response protection, you have peace of mind that you’re covered throughout an investigation.
  • Our forensic investigation service provides a rigorous and systematic approach to the analysis of data after an incident.
  • Provides independent evidence to support disciplinary, tribunal, civil or criminal cases.

Benefits of our service

  • Neutralise threats and quickly resolve data breaches.
  • Prevent cyber attackers from maintaining a presence on your business network.
  • Limit the financial, operational, and reputational impact of a cyber-attack.
  • Develop an effective company Cyber Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) moving forward.
  • Put in place improved cyber security protocols to limit the possibility of future incidents.
  • ​Collaborate with an experienced team of cyber security analysts, digital forensic investigators and incident response experts.

Cyber Incident Response Lifecycle

  • Lock-down: Perform the actions necessary to prevent further data loss or damage to the organisation and mitigate business risks;
  • Preserve Evidence: Forensically capture data on compromised or affected systems, document the data breach;
  • Investigate Incident: Use forensic and information security tools to determine the source of an attack, understand the threat actor’s motivations and attempt to identify the perpetrator;
  • Management Report: Provide a full log of the investigation undertaken, and the results of this investigation and provide policy and technical remediations where necessary.
Contact our incident response team
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Cyber Incident Response | Case Study

A client contacted our cyber response team believing they had suffered from a ransomware attack on a newly installed server just before they were about to break up for the festive period. We immediately arranged with our cyber security professionals to have a conference call with the client and his IT team. The purpose of the call was to understand what they believed had happened and explain what we can do to help get them back to business as usual. The new server did not hold any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) but it was business-critical as it held all the templates used for client jobs. As a result of the ransomware, they were unable to operate their systems, as all the main files were encrypted and the business ground to a halt. We immediately started with a telephone consultancy to start securing the systems remotely and booked to go on-site at the earliest point possible. As a result of our work, they were back up and running in less than five working days.

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