Cyber security awareness training for employees

Human error remains the leading cause of organisational data security breaches. These data breaches can and do cause businesses heavy financial and reputational damage. Employees are at the forefront of organisations, representing the business and dealing with personal and organisational data daily. They are the ones protecting your business against security threats and must be trained accordingly. At CYFOR Secure, we provide comprehensive, engaging and bespoke cyber security awareness training programmes tailored to accommodate all types of businesses.

Educating your employees

Cyber-security awareness is essential and training is an effective way to educate employees and ensure proper procedures are followed. It reduces risk and helps keep your organisation’s data safe against cyber-attacks, by educating your employees on best practices.


Staff cyber security awareness programmes

We can design engaging and bespoke cyber-security awareness training programmes based on a detailed assessment of your organisation’s requirements and culture. Staff awareness programmes need to be comprehensive to ensure all bases are covered, which our consultants are experienced in delivering.

There are numerous sources of cyber security awareness advice on the internet, and many find it difficult to know where to start with it all. Some businesses even find it difficult to explain why cyber security is important to staff, so having cyber security awareness training for employees is a great way to get everyone on the same level. Even larger organisations with training resources find it difficult to explain the importance to their employees of how they can keep the business and themselves safe from cyber attacks. 

For this reason CYFOR Secure has created a cyber security awareness training programme which will cover areas such as defending your business from phishing scams, the importance of using strong passwords, securing your devices, reporting incidents and more.

Business benefits

Cyber crime costs UK businesses over £30 billion each year and it is extremely disruptive. The damage caused is not only financial but, in reality, this is a huge cause for concern. We live in a digital and data-heavy world and with customers being much more tech-savvy, the costs of loss of reputation, revenue and investment are catastrophic for a business which is why cyber security awareness is mandatory.  

On top of this, there are also data protection regulations in place that come with huge fines if personal data in your possession is compromised. In order to prevent this from happening to your business, it’s essential to fight against cyber criminals. Our cyber security awareness training can help to do this by giving your employees the right tools and knowledge to defend your business. We do this by providing information on key issues on the main avenues of attack and giving your business the solutions to deal with cyber attacks. 


What is cyber security awareness training?

Cyber security awareness training is a strategy to help prevent and mitigate users’ risk and the program is designed to help your employees understand their role in protecting data and fending off cyber criminals. Implementing strong cyber security awareness throughout your business helps employees to understand cyber hygiene and security risks associated with their role and actions and also helps them to identify cyber-attacks that may occur. 

Why is cyber security awareness training for employees essential?

Compliance with cyber security is essential if you hope to keep your employees and business safe. It is also the law, and it is crucial to understand the ways in which it influences the way you work. Listening to what we have to say and getting cyber security awareness training for your employees and yourself will help your business comply with regulations at all times. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) builds on the existing 1995 EU Data Protection Directive. Many wonder what GDPR means for their business, but it basically means that there is a restructuring of guidelines and fines will be made for businesses that have breaches. Guidelines involve data breaches that must be reported within 72 hours, personal data must now include location, IP addresses and RFID identifiers, and people now have the right to be forbidden.  

What are the best practices for approaching cyber security awareness training?

Our cyber security awareness training strategy focuses on engaging the workforce to reduce the risks that can occur. Many of the cyber security awareness providers do not follow educational best practices and overload the pupils with too much information to process which in turn leaves them confused at the end of the course. Instead, we provide information in bitesize pieces for your employees to fully understand. Here are just some best practices to follow:

Repeat, and repeat

Your employees will only retain a fraction of the information of training after a month which means that repeated training is necessary for them to fully understand the landscape. The other reason for this is the cyber security landscape is constantly changing with new threats occurring all the time. 

Gamify your training

When employees are given mandatory training, it’s all too easy to switch off, resulting in being disengaged. For the training to take full effect, the training needs to ensure that the important messages have gotten through. We have a different approach to training which allows your employees to fully understand their cyber security awareness training. 

Cover a range of topics

Phishing is of course the most common attack, but it is important that the training covers a range of topics. We will help to educate your employees on a range of topics in order for them to understand the whole landscape.