Teach Your Employees to Recognise Phishing Attacks

Phishing simulations are a brilliant way to improve staff and user awareness of the types of risks exposed to businesses. The software is used to send ‘fake’ phishing emails to employees, gauging their awareness of attacks and what to do with phishing emails when they receive them. Phishing simulations can help to protect your organisation from real-world phishing attacks that could lead to costly data breaches or ransomware attacks.

What happens in a Phishing Simulation?

During a phishing simulation, employees receive an email that closely mimics what they might see in a real phishing attack. In this instance, any mistakes such as clicking on a malicious link will be inconsequential to your business as the simulated phishing emails do not contain malware. The simulated phishing emails will, however, be able to track and record the actions and responses of your employees. This will help you gauge how effective the cyber training is and what additional training is required to help improve cyber security awareness.

Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulation Services

CYFOR Secure’s Phishing Simulation services help your business address the risk posed by uninformed users. With the proper testing and education, your employees can become a strong line of defence against malicious threat actors. When combined with learning reinforcement and our Cyber Awareness Training, your staff will have the tools they need to recognise and respond appropriately to phishing and other social engineering efforts.

Our Phishing Simulation service is cloud-based and incorporates detailed analytics to help administrators assess users’ susceptibility to phishing and related social engineering attacks. They can then identify users who may need extra support to get up to speed with your organisation’s anti-phishing efforts.

Key features of our phishing simulation software

  • Realistic simulated phishing emails that test your employees.
  • Our phishing simulation program is easy to use and customisable to your business.
  • Data-driven and measurable results to provide clear actions.
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