Business cyber attacks have become increasingly more common across industries worldwide. Even the biggest global companies have fallen victim to cyber attacks, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a new business or an established business, every business is at risk. With more and more businesses operating remotely or adopting a hybrid model, there is much more chance of falling victim to a business cyber attack. As a result, this can lead to data being stolen or compromised, networks and devices being disabled for use and finances being lost. 

Cyber attacks have grown substantially over the past few years and even though they are more common than ever before, some still are unsure as to the signs of a business cyber attack. This means that they can go unnoticed for extended periods of time, causing more damage to your systems and putting even more of your data at risk. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the signs of a business cyber attack you need to keep an eye out for. 


Suspicious emails

One of the most common signs of a business cyber attack is if you are suddenly receiving suspicious emails. Phishing emails are the most frequent form of cyber attack and involve cyber criminals sending fraudulent emails to the victims in an attempt to share private information or install malicious software onto devices. 

If you do start receiving suspicious emails, the best thing to do is check the sender’s email address, especially if the email is claiming to be from a trusted sender or is requesting payment. Another telltale sign of suspicious emails being part of a business cyber attack is if they are grammatically incorrect. Even if they’re subtle, spelling or grammar issues are a big sign to indicate that an email may not be legitimate. 

If you notice anything unusual about an email, the best thing to do is avoid clicking any links, delete the email and report the sender. Let your IT team know if you believe the emails appear to be linked to a business cyber attack or, if you have one of our cyber and security retainers, get in touch with us and let us know. 


Unusual account activity

Before, during or after a business cyber attack, you may start to notice unusual account activity amongst your networks. You might see that accounts are being locked frequently, which could indicate that hackers are trying to force an entry into your networks. If you see log-in attempts at unusual times of the day, a new device being added to your accounts or password reset requests that you did not ask for, then this could indicate that a business cyber attack is, or has, taken place. 

If you start to notice issues such as these and can’t find any reasoning as to why it would be happening, make an account log of the times and dates in which the account activity has taken place and contact either your IT provider or the team here at CYFOR for further assistance. Our cyber incident response team are skilled at alleviating the damaging impact of business cyber attacks and can provide instant response. 


Odd device behaviour

Perhaps one of the most worrying signs of a potential business cyber attack is if you notice devices, such as mouse cursors moving on their own or items on your screen, acting out of the ordinary. This could indicate that an external person has control of your computer. Computer viruses, which are usually installed through clicking on suspicious links or downloading a malicious file, are the most common causes of this. 

If you notice unusual device behaviour, then you should immediately disconnect your computer from the network, turn off any Wi-Fi and turn off the power in an effort to avoid spreading the virus to other devices in your business. Then, alert your cyber security team of the potential business cyber attack as they will need to identify how the hackers have accessed your computer. 


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