CYFOR Secure’s Cyber Resilience and Incident Response Retainers provide businesses with sophisticated Digital Forensic and Incident Response capabilities and a true cyber risk retainer that incorporates proactive services with a flexible approach.

With Cyber Insurance constantly increasing in price, our retainers provide an instant return on investment and value for money. We customise each retainer to be bespoke to your business whilst managing the ever-evolving landscape of threats.

When faced with a cyber incident, your business must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to protect your brand reputation, network, operations, and finances. Our cyber risk retainer service allows organisations to prepare for the reaction to a cyber security incident and react in the quickest possible time frame, ultimately reducing the risk posed by each incident. Furthermore, any time not spent towards responding to an incident can be recycled towards improving your company’s cyber resilience.

Included within each of our Cyber retainers are both proactive and reactive services to get your organisation ready to respond should an incident occur and then when required, you are fully prepared to kick into action. You will have options to utilise a wide array of our end-to-end cyber risk solutions to strengthen your overall resiliency, providing you with peace of mind during a crisis.

Cyber Resilience & Incident Response Retainer

CYFOR Secure understands that for clients, the thought of preparing for and dealing with a cyber incident is a daunting prospect. That is why our flexible, yet comprehensive cyber incident response retainers are designed to be adaptable to your business, simultaneously bolstered by our industry-leading digital forensic experts who are on standby to remediate incidents. From staff training to breach response, CYFOR Secure’s cyber retainers are flexible to the demands of your business environment, regardless of your size or industry.

  • Flexibility to choose from a wide range of cyber services.
  • Ability to roll over a percentage of unused credits.
  • Technology-agnostic services can be catered to your specific security stack.
  • Prompt access to a specialist team of Digital Forensic and Incident Response experts.
  • Rapid response service levels to provide peace of mind in the event of an emergency.
  • Robust preparedness services, including simulations, risk assessments, vulnerability scanning, endpoint protection, penetration testing, policy reviews and strategic advisory.

Customisable Incident Response Retainers for Maximum Cover

CYFOR Secure offers varied levels of cyber incident response retainers designed to meet the specific requirements of your business. We give you the opportunity to customise your cyber risk retainer with a wide range of proactive, reactive and intelligence services best suited for your situation and goals. Below are just a few examples of the services available:

Customise your cyber risk retainer

Cyber Incident Response (24/7/365)

Our highly skilled and experienced digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) team ensure rapid cyber incident response and are skilled at mitigating the damaging effect of various cyber-attacks.

Backed with a wealth of knowledge, proven methodology and industry-leading technology, with our cyber incident response services, any impact on your organisation will be minimised.

Remediation and recovery

Our cyber incident response team follow a proven methodology in the event of a cyber-attack on your business and acknowledge that there are time-critical elements of cyber incidents that require an urgent response. Upon being instructed to investigate a cyber incident, we use our experience to create a custom plan for your situation. We follow a proven methodology to ensure rapid remediation and recovery.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Incident Response

If you suspect unauthorised email access, CYFOR Secure can help you:

  • Contain the email compromise incident
  • Identify the window of intrusion
  • Investigate malicious activity in the account
  • Determine if more accounts were breached
  • Review accessed data to quantify sensitive information at risk
  • Recommend new safeguards

Cyber risk assessments

Businesses are challenged to keep pace with sophisticated cyber threats, security protocols, and evolving regulations. CYFOR Secure’s range of assessment services provides guidance through cyber security best practices to ensure the integrity of your organisation.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Our Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service combine detection and response technology with a dedicated Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC), providing your organisation with 24/7 network monitoring and incident response.

Cyber security awareness training

Human error remains the leading cause of organisational data security breaches. These data breaches can and do cause businesses heavy financial and reputational damage.  CYFOR Secure provide comprehensive, engaging and bespoke cyber security awareness training programmes tailored to accommodate all types of businesses.

Ransomware preparedness assessments

Entirely preventing ransomware attacks is nearly impossible, however, strategic steps can be taken to help neutralise them and mitigate their potential damage and disruption.

CYFOR Secure provides ransomware preparedness assessments to identify and track down any vulnerabilities that ransomware actors could exploit.

Dark web scanning

CYFOR Secure’s Dark Web Monitoring service detects compromised business credentials in real time. Our advanced software notifies us immediately if your business data is compromised. Frequent Dark Web monitoring and scanning, combined with pro-active cyber security services can vastly improve the security posture of your company.

Remote work security

CYFOR Secure offer fully managed vulnerability assessment services delivering rapid detection, monitoring, and remediation of vulnerabilities on external and internal systems, including remote work security applications.

Third-party cyber risk management

Mobile phone and computer forensics

CYFOR is a leading provider within the digital forensics industry. As part of that group, CYFOR Secure has access to a comprehensive range of proven digital forensic capabilities that include mobile phone forensics and computer forensics, which can be a vital asset within cyber security investigations.

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